If you are a musician or a dj that likes to practice at home you may be familiar with the neighbors calling over your house to tell you to turn it down. One of the hardest aspects about playing an instrument is that when you love it you tend to play it loud and proud.


The only problem is that the neighbors who live around you can hear every note especially if you live in a small community Melamine Foam where the houses are close together. This can be bothersome to the neighbors who like to take some quiet time in the afternoon at the same time that you are having a lesson or practicing the instrument. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to install acoustical wall panels behind the walls in your home. The acoustical wall panels don’t need to be behind every wall but they certainly can be installed behind the walls in your music room to make sure that the music stays inside the room and that it does not permeate through the walls and echo over to the neighbors homes.

Acoustical wall panels should be installed by a professional but they only take a few days at most to install. Another way to create a good sound barrier is with timber cladding wall. External timber cladding can be installed on the outside of the house to block excess noise from leaving the house so your neighbors can tend to their own business without disruption.

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